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Easter 2018

our neighborhood hosted an Easter egg hunt so I took Lana so she could participate.  She was super excited because she got a golden egg and won a prize!

Happy Easter!  


Birthday Girl (Part 2)

After shopping we took the girls to Clay Casa to paint some pottery!  They had a really good time.  I'm looking forward to the final product.

We ended the evening in a typical Texas manner..  Steak and ice cream!! :D

Happy birthday, beautiful! 


Birthday Girl... 10 Years Old!! (Part 1)

Recently Lana celebrated her 10th birthday!!  Of course she's not quite old enough to hit Vegas so the Cookie Dough Bar was perfect!! ;D

We went to our favorite shopping spot... and the day was full of eating treats and shopping. 

 Lolli and Pops is the best candy shop on the planet.. the gummies are delicious!! 
Ahhh... The birthday girl...

Those are two very happy girls!!!  Lana and her BFF! 

 We stopped to get a bite to eat... A pizzeria.. 

Every girl born in Sicily needs a cannoli on her birthday to remind her of her roots.. 

Lana had an unusual request for a birthday wish... She wanted to drink a coffee from Starbucks.  She took a sip and said, "YUCK!".  She opted for a smoothie instead.

Birthday cheers! I'll post more soon...

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