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Clean Up Crew Arrived

Yup, the clean-up crew arrived and took away the debris and trash.  It looks super fresh and ready for the next phase.  We are quickly wrapping things up, the final crews to come our way will be Sundek, electrical, and plaster (pebble tec).  We are also meeting with the landscape crew to finalize plants, trees, etc.  Will and I will be busy painting the fence, searching for new outdoor furniture, and adding the small touches, such as ceiling fans (already purchased), potted plants, and outdoor kitchen. 

I won't be able to post pictures for awhile because we will not be able to walk on the decks, but when it all comes together it will be charming and the pics will be well worth the wait.  


Sub Decks

We just finished up the 8th week of construction and the sub decks are complete and ready for Sundek, which is the textured concrete overlay on the decking that has great perks, such as, easy to maintain, slip resistant, cooler on the feet, and I love the way it feels! On the sub decks, they added more re-bar...

 Protected the flagstone from over-spray...
 Added the micro drain, which is covered by the tarp...

 Another pic of re-bar...
 Then, the concrete was poured...
 Below is a pic of the side extension of the main deck...
 Next up, is a pic of the lower deck...
 The picture below is part of the front extension of the main deck...

 Main deck extension and upper deck...
 Upper deck...
 Lower deck and side deck extension.... 
I'm very eager to get the pool finished... It's beautiful, amazing, and just keeps getting better after each phase is done.  We have about 2 or 3 more weeks....


My Birthday!!

A lil' birthday love for me.... 

My most favorite cupcakes, thanks babe!! 

Sicily, Italy
Milan, Italy

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