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Pool Equipment Features

I thought I would elaborate on the pool equipment features.  We have not been to pool school yet, but i'm hoping by at least knowing each item thoroughly, I will grasp pool school a bit quicker.  Let's be honest, I plan on having a pool guy for awhile!   
To start, we have the iAquaLink system.  It can be controlled via smart phone and tablet.  It will control all aspects of the pool area, such as pool lights, landscape lighting, the water fall, the heater, pool temperature, pool cleaner, filter, pumps, etc.  I could keep going on and on, it's great!
 Next, the Polaris 3900 Sport Edition.  this little guy will clean our pool.  He also has a tailsweep.

We have the DEV60 (Diatomaceous Earth Filter) and the 2.0 HP variable speed pump, which is ultra energy efficient. It has stealth pump technology too.

 Below is a pic of the basket skimmers.
Not pictured is the Jandy Pro Series LED lighting by Zodiac.  We have 9 colors and 5 light shows! Sweet.  Most importantly, we have the Ultimate Ozone by AquaStar.  Ozone kills up to 99.99% of bacteria, viruses and molds, plus environmentally friendly!


Pool Steel

Steel Phase

 3 steps down.
 3 steps up.

The next phase is gunite!  


Gutter Installation

Here are a couple of pics of the gutters installed at the back of the house.  We already have gutters in the front, but needed gutters installed on the back due to the pool.

We still need to add gutters at a few more locations on the house, but will do so after the pool is complete.  

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