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This. Is. Big.

This tree is huge now... wow!


Lana 9th Birthday!!


Landscape Complete

Last week the landscape was completed.  It's beautiful! Below, we have the Arizona Cypress, Florida Jasmine, and Boxwoods...

I absolutely love the flagstone walking path with the pebble stones.  Towards the back of the patio is Maiden Grass. Also pictured, Skullcaps, and Photinia. 
 The flagstone path leads to the pool equipment.  
In front of the slab of the equipment is pebbles only.  We did not want any grass to mow or weeds to worry about in that area.
The area located near the shed also has the pebble stones.  We plan to put additional storage area for the pool toys, etc.

 So lovely right?
 Pictured below, the firecracker!
Lana swims everyday!! Just sayin'.....I would swim with her, but it's too cold for me!
 The Maiden Grass that I mentioned previously....

 Looks super great... 
 The Photinia....
Pictured below, a small patch of Zoysia grass.. It's very shaded in that area and will be easy to maintain.

 As mentioned previously, this is the area near the shed for storage, etc.   The plant pictured is Texas Sage and Duranta.
 Red Yucca, and more Florida Jasmine, along with three Sweet Olive Trees....
We are so pleased with the outcome of our new backyard... I'm totally thrilled for the tree's and shrubs to grow and mature... In time it will be even more beautiful.

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